Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor furniture, accessories, and decorations are at risk of ignition if they are made from combustible materials.  Wood or plastic patio furniture, natural fiber doormats, shades, screens, umbrellas, and curtains can all ignite from embers or flame exposure during a wildfire, and evidence exists that many otherwise ignition resistant homes have burned because of the homeowner’s choice of accessories.  When these items are placed near a structure, or on a deck, porch, or patio, there is a risk that they will act as “kindling” and ignite your home during a wildfire!

Choose outdoor accessories made from non-combustible or ignition-resistant material.  A heavy rubber doormat (or decorative metal grate) is a better choice than natural fiber mats.  Cast aluminum furniture is better than wicker or hardwood.

Resource credit: FIRESafe MARIN



Prepare your Home


Seven ways residents can reduce wildfire risk infographic by NFPA
Download the free wildfire safety infographic with seven tips for residents to help protect their homes in an event of a wildfire.

Wildfire risk reduction safety tips by NFPA
By working together, residents can make their own property, and their neighborhood, much safer from wildfire.