Volunteer Hourly Worksheet

Volunteer Hourly Worksheet

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Hours Worked

Examples include: Removing pine needles and leaf litter from roof and gutters, replaced vinyl gutters with metal gutters, ignition-resistant exterior improvements, installing screening on vents, flammable items removed from under decks and porches, inspect roof and replace missing shingles, etc.
Examples include: Installation of hardscaping, replacing combustible mulches with stone/gravel options, tree and shrub removal, raking and removal of pine needles, leaves, ground litter/debris, tree trimming/limbing, moving firewood, lawn and native grass maintenance, etc.
(HOA or other Homeowner jointly owned property within the site boundary) Activities include: Tree thinning, mastication and brush removal, grass maintenance, fire break construction, etc.
Meetings, presentations, program administration, home site visits, etc.

Money Spent

Purchase/rental, fuel & oil, disposal fees, etc.
Chain saw purchase/rental, power equip. purchase/rental, hand tools, protective equipment, etc
Arborists, landscapers, professional forestry services, debris removal, etc.
Roofs, decks, windows, vent screening, retrofits, etc.